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Poorva Joshi got her Masters’ degree in Botany from University of Pune in 1998. BioConcepts is her entrepreneurial firm founded in 2007 and she has done pioneering work in conserving medicinal plants, biodiversity management, local economy, trade and livelihood links.

She is a capable administrator of complex projects in conservation related areas

Poorva grew up in the lush green foothills of the Sahyadri mountains in Ratnagiri. At a young age, she fell in love with the forest and the germ of conservation took hold. When she moved to Pune as a teenager, she was struck by how sparse the flora was here compared to back home. Her green thumb was nurtured in the city by both her grandmothers who educated her about Ayurveda and various medicinal plants. Poorva went on to score exceptional grades in both her Bachelors and Masters in Botany from Pune university. She has worked in the fields of Botany, Conservation and Eco-Friendly infrastructure extensively for almost quarter of a century.

Poorva is driven by a desire to reconnect human beings to nature by creating awareness about the benefits of medicinal plants, environmental preservation and the importance of sustainable development. As a part of this initiative, she has authored several books and has worked as a visiting faculty for various institutions. She is currently the main faculty at Bioconcepts. She is enthusiastic and a go getter, having singlehandedly founded Bioconcepts, she even has time to practice what she preaches.

Her green home runs entirely on solar power, has a rainwater harvesting system for the last 20 years (one of the first few homes in Pune to do so) and she maintains a lush garden of herbal and medicinal plants with the help of her vermicompost pit

poorva joshi

Poorva Joshi

Founder –  Bioconcepts.

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