AyurGarden Book Released

घरी सहज लावून सहज वापरता येण्या जोग्या 50 औषधी वंनस्पतींवरील माझे पहिले पुस्तक, बुकमार्क प्रकाशन तर्फे प्रकाशित झाले आहे. ते आता तुमच्या जवळच्या दुकानात पण उपलब्ध आहे.

ते आता ऑनलाइन बुकगंगा वर ही उपलब्ध आहे

My first book on 50 herbal species that can be used in everyday life is published by Bookmark Publications and available at nearby bookstores in Maharashtra.

You can also purchase it online at Book Ganga.



What we do?

We conduct specialized training in topics related to conservation, biodiversity and medicinal plants for a wide spectrum of interest groups. We also provide consultancy on methods of conserving medicinal plants.

The name BioConcepts is given because we rely on impressions of Biological sciences, and we innovate with Concepts like Medicoscaping, Ecoscaping and Green pocket development. We are a Training and Consulting firm based in Pune, India.

Bio Concepts works in Medicinal Plant Conservation and propagating eco-friendly development. We undertake projects in Medicoscaping, Ecoscaping and Home Herbal Garden development.

Medicoscaping is the use of medicinal plants for aesthetic landscaping.

Ecoscaping is landscaping with awareness of the ecology of the site.

Home Herbal Garden development is developing green pockets using native and highly traded medicinal plants in available zones within industries, educational institutes and other farmland areas.