About Us

To achieve sustainability of natural resources is the need of the hour. Conservation can be sustained only if we actively involve large sections of society in related activities. Bio Concepts’ aim is to achieve conservation of plants in our surroundings, by spreading awareness for the need to conserve them. Our focus is specifically to encourage medicinal plan conservation to promote better health.

We conduct seminars, lectures and training session on following topics in order to promote positive attitude and involvement of citizen groups

1. Citizens Role in Conservation 7. Students Role in Conservation
2. Biodiversity Facts & Conservation 8. Ecosystems, Adaptations & People
3. Habitats – Protection & Creation 9. Biomimicry
4. We & Forest 10. Urban Biodiversity
5. Wildlife Conservation & Pas 11. Waste Disposal & Composting
6. Ecosystems of India 12. Health Garden – For All