Published Books

Ayur Garden

Ayurvedic medicine has seen a renaissance in the past few years with new companies entering the marketplace and promoting the cause. Traditional Indian Ayurveda has served as an alternative to allopathy for several centuries however, knowledge about and willingness to conserve such medicinal plants has declined in the modern era. This book will show you quick and easy ways to cultivate a medicinal garden in your own backyard and guide you through the usage and benefits of over 50 medicinal plants. As a bonus feature, several delicious and healthy food recipes are included which will help you incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life.

Ganesh Patri

Ganesh Patri highlights the importance, history, characteristics and benefits of 21 special leaves (Ganesh Patri) which are used during Ganesh Chaturthi pooja. This book also serves as a pictorial guide to help you identify and cultivate over a dozen varieties of plants.

Creative Conservation Zone

This booklet provides an overview of the concept of conservation zones, a historical overview of conservation efforts in the country’s past, as well as current policy efforts and challenges faced during development of such zones. This booklet was a collaboration with the Biome Conservation Foundation, Pune and supported by Research Forest Division.

Nivadak Vruksh Prajatinche Ropwatika Tantradyan

Forest Enrichment and Nursery Techniques for Selected Plants – This book catalogues over 50 plant species and techniques for their growth and development. It also highlights their properties and their importance in the conservation narrative.

Aushadhi Vanaspatinche Krushikaran

Manual on Non-Palatable Medicinal Crops as a Solution for Crop Raiding – Bioconcepts has devised new ways to protect farmlands from crop raiding by buffering the crops with non-palatable and commercially profitable medicinal plants. This book details the different ways of using non-palatable crops as a solution to human-herbivore conflicts.

Non-Palatable Medicinal Crops for Forest Fringes

Handbook for farmers in Marathi

Introduction to Plant Physiology

Introduction to Plant Physiology is an effort to revise and update the existing body of knowledge pertaining to Plant Physiology. This text has been developed after extensive research about new practices and developments in the world of plant physiology and can serve as a guide to teachers, students and researchers for topics such as Metabolism, Growth and Development, Translocation of Solutes and Photosynthesis.