Research & Consultancy

Bioconcepts provides research and consultancy services for medicinal plant cultivation, biodiversity conservation focused plantations and has contributed to resource generation for WTC and MOEF in the past. Bioconcepts offers the following services


Integration of medicinal plants in existing landscapes.

Home Herbal Garden Development

Development of green pockets using native, commercially viable medicinal plants in rural farmlands and within urban spaces such as industries, residential areas and educational institutes.


Eco-sensitive plantation with special attention to preservation of local flora species.

Health Resort development

Integration of herb garden and meal preparations for health resorts

Sahsheti Abhiyan

Policy related research and advocacy.

Bioconcepts also engages in project planning, management, conflict resolution, consultation about ecotourism and will soon begin with GIS related interventions.

Lectures and Workshops

Bioconcepts conducts lectures, training sessions and workshops for topics related to botany, medicinal plant conservation, livelihood development, conflict management and importance of environmental preservation.

Citizens and Conservation

Habitats –Creation and Protection

Wildlife Conservation and Preservation

Health Gardens for all

Festivals – Adopting Eco-Friendly Celebrations

Urban Conservation Zones- Need and Impact

Native Ecosystems of India

Human Footprint on Ecosystems


Human-Herbivore Conflict Resolution

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